Making a decision on whether buying or renting a tent can be difficult. However, there are several benefits to renting a tent versus buying one. Tent rentals have become more popular this year. A tent rental can reduce stress by taking away the responsibility of maintenance and installation. Tlapazola has created this information so you can considered both sides of buying a tent or going for a tent rental. Either way we can help with both.

Things to Consider When Tent Buying vs Tent Rental

Tent buying can take time it requires searching the best purchasing price, there are also several factors as a business owner you should consider. One of those factors is that tents are an investment. This type of investment will incur additional fees and cost besides the initial tent buying cost. If you are considering making the purchase consider these cost as well for long term tent ownership.

Tlapazola can install tents professionally and Tlapazola ensures that the tent is properly installed and that it has enough and proper weight on it. If you like tent buying but want it installed professionally Tlapazola has the experience and trained individuals to help you set it up. Tlapazola also sells quality tents to ensure business owners are purchasing the best.

Benefits to Renting a Tent

Full Service Tent Rental for Outdoor Dining
Full Service Tent Rental for Outdoor Dining

If tent buying seems like a lot of work from searching for the right tent to installing and maintaining, then its better to rent a tent. Renting a tent may sound expensive, but after knowing what the real cost of ownership is the overall cost at the end can be less or similar to tent buying, plus renting is less stressful with Tlapazola. Tent buying is growing less popular and since there’s similar cost to renting a tent, there are some additional benefits to consider as a business owner.

Tlapazola Tent Rentals!

Tzlapazola specializes in party equipment rentals. Tlapazola is also focused in helping business owners specially restaurants that are now in need of outdoor dinning to help continue to stay in business. Tlapazola offers the possibility to rent a tent or if you are still interested in tent buying we can also do that. Tlapazola has several different sized tents for all kinds of occasions and locations. Tlapazola Party Rentals in Gardena is committed to providing the best services in the south bay area. Give us a call or send us a message and we will help provide knowledge, price or advise to business owners in need of renting or buying a tent.

Canopy and Tent Rental Usage

EZ Up Canopy White Top Rentals in Gardena
10 x 10 pop up Canopy. This is perfect for farmers markets, outdoor expo events, and other events where you want something that is easy to set up and portable.
Tent Rental 15 by 20 Feet with White Top
15 x 20 Tent. This tent is good for backyard events, commercial business events, or any occasion where you want to set up a couple long tables.
Tent, Canopy rentals 30 by 60 White Top
This is a 30 x 60 Tent. This tent is for big-crowd occasions such as weddings, sporting events, or any outdoor events with a lot of guess.

For the bigger tents, such as a 15 x 20 or a 30 x 60, this is where renting a tent is much more beneficial than buying a tent. If you rent one of our tents, we will take care of the weights that are required for the tents, we will deliver the equipment to the location and set up the tent, as well as pick up and remove the tent when your event is over.

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