Tlapazola Party Rental (tprentals) in Gardena works to be transparent and up front with all costs associated for event rentals, deliveries and event set-ups. Here is a list of prices, costs, and extra fees that are not visible on individual item rental’s but should be considered. There may be additional costs/fees due to the variations and customization’s of each party event set up, please contact our party planner if you have special request, ideas or custom order. All prices shown in checkout are our base prices for our rental equipment. We ensure that there are no hidden fees and we dedicate ourselves to providing the best services around and up front pricing.

Please be aware that our online prices are subject to change and we are currently still working on improving the online renting and shopping experience. For this reason some fees and charges are not shown or seen during checkout as we are working to add and improve the checkout experience and price transparency during checkout.

Delivery Services

South Bay Party Rental Truck Delivery ServiceParty rental deliveries when possible are dropped off at the events curbside 1 day before or day of event. Details will be finalized with our party planner when your event is booked and scheduled. Deliveries are normally picked up the day after the event during regular business hours. If there are special changes or requests beyond these terms then additional fees may incur.

Standard Delivery Fee: Is considered between business hours from 8 am to 5 pm. Standard delivery is calculated from our store location in Gardena at 1545 W 134th Street, Unit D to the location of the event. Standard Delivery starts at $45 which includes the first 3 miles, each additional mile is 8.00 and mileage is rounded up to the whole mile.

Same Day Pick-up Fee: Customers who would like a pick-up on the same day of the event between 6 pm – 12 am a pick-up fee will be applied. This is usually calculated by multiplying the delivery fee by 2.

Minimum Security Deposit Fee: A security deposit is required for all rental equipment. The minimum security deposit is 30% of the rental total. This is required in order to book and scheduled the event. This deposit fee is non-refundable is event or booking is cancelled.

Final payment for rentals are taken 3-4 days PRIOR to the delivery date.

Set Up and Break Down Service

South Bay Rental Equipment Set Up ServiceRental equipment set up and break down are an optional service that most customers choose to add on. A set up fee is already included on almost all of the large and heavy items rental prices such as: Tents, Stages, Umbrellas, Heaters, Dance Floors, and Farm Tables. Event set up is the most convenient and stress free way to host your event. Let our professional team do all the work.

Tent Set-Up: All prices listed on the website include concrete weights, which is required to secure the tent. All tents require at least 100lb concrete weights per leg, which is $10 per weight this is already included in the prices shown.

Beach Waterfront Equipment Rental ServicesBeach/Waterfront Set-Up:

Rentals that are delivered at Beaches or Waterfronts have an additional 35% set up fee. This helps cover the additional parking, loading and unloading cost required for proper set up to these locations. The fee is calculated from the rental total (delivery, set up, and equipment rentals regardless of size, shape, weight etc…)

No Elevator/ None working Elevator : If your set up or delivery require going up flights of stairs and no elevator is available, there will be an additional fee applied. If you know you will not have an elevator available please inform us so adjustments can be made at the start of service. If upon delivery of a rental it is found that there is no elevator or its not working, Tlapazola will call to provide options. The best option is the 35% No Elevator fee. The no elevator fee is calculated from the rental invoice total (delivery, set up, and equipment rentals regardless of size, shape, weight etc…)

Sales Tax

Sale Tax only applies on items for sale. These are sold items such as Plastic Cups, Linens, Tents, Balloons, and more. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO RENTAL EQUIPMENT.