By placing an order or checking out the renter is accepting the following rental agreement for rental equipment provided by Tlapazola Party Rentals here on forward known as ‘ TPR ‘. The date and rental items will not be reserved until a signed rental agreement is submitted to and received by TPR.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: All orders over $300 require a minimum security deposit and a credit card on file upon reserving the order and will be adjusted in the final payment that will be made 3 – 4 days prior the delivery date.

PAYMENT: All orders need to be paid in full before the delivery date.
FOR CASH: The payment must be received the exact change by the driver upon delivery time. (CASH ONLY ON ORDERS LESS THAN $200.00)
DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD: The payment must be received 4 days in advance prior to the delivery date. Please call anytime during our business hours 9:00 am to 7:00 pm for the payment over the phone.

DELIVERY & PICK UP: Delivery is based on the time and location of your event, with standard delivery consisting of our regular business hours. All deliveries will be made at the street level unless prior arrangements made. Most of the time, the equipment will be unloaded/loaded onto the customer’s driveway when delivered or pick up. PLEASE HAVE THIS AREA FREE OF ANY KIND OF VEHICLE OR OBJECTS TO AVOID ANY SCRATCHES OR DAMAGE ON THE PROPERTY. A timed delivery is also available for an additional fee and arrangements must be made in advance.

SET UP & BREAKDOWN: Arrangements must be made in advance for set-up and break down service at an additional cost. Furthermore, all rented items will be delivered stacked and expect them to be stacked same way for pick up.

TENTS & DANCE FLOOR: Please have designated space for a tent or dance floor to be installed, free of furniture, planters, or any other objects as we do NOT move personal property. If our employees come to the event location and there are items in the way they will have to reschedule until space is ready to work and additional delivery fees will apply. (We do not warranty availability for soon delivery) We reserve the right to cancel an order if the customer is not agreed with the terms & condition. During unsafe weather conditions, if it rains or winds are blowing more than 20 mph, it is considered dangerous and unsafe for the tent to be installed.

ORDER VERIFICATION AND WAITING TIME: Client is advised to have a representative on site to verify and sign for equipment. If we arrive for a timed delivery or pick-up and are forced to wait more than 30 minutes, a labor charge of $50.00 per hour per truck will be applied or we will have to reschedule another time and an additional fee will apply. (We do not warranty availability for soon delivery or pick up).

DAMAGE WAIVER: When you accept the damage waiver you specifically acknowledge and agree to the following terms. If we have offered you and you have elected to purchase the damage waiver and paid the damage waiver fee referenced therein prior to the commencement of the term. You will have no liability to for 90% of the cost to repair or replace covered rented item(s) (“covered items only”) which suffer physical damage during the term provided. However that you will remind fully liable for (A) Any damage to or loss of item(s) not covered by Damage Waiver (B) Covered Items lost or damaged as a result of any negligence, misuse and/or abuse, use of alcohol or drugs (C) use of any Rented Item in violation of this Contract (D) Any applicable law, rule, regulation, Instruction, policy of insurance (E) Any failure to return Rented Item(s) to TPR as and when required under this Contract. (F) 10% of all costs associated with repairing and/or replacing Covered Items. DAMAGE WAIVER IS NOT INSURANCE, NOR IS IT A WARRANTY AND IS NOT REFUNDABLE.

LOSS OR DAMAGE: If you the Customer decline Damage Waiver or if you fail to pay the Damage Waiver Fee prior to commencement of the terms, you will be responsible for ALL damage to ALL Rented Item(s) including the full (new) replacement value and must be charged on the card on file that you authorize prior to commencement of the term. Responsibility for equipment remains with the customer from delivery until return, please secure items when not in use and protect them from the weather. Replacement fees are made for missing or broken items.

CHINA: All China, silver, glassware, and bowls should be rinsed food free and repackage in the same containers as delivery. Due to the fragility of the equipment. Replacement fees are made for missing or broken items. (Damage waiver is recommended or required for some or all of these items.)

LINENS: Moist or wet linens should not be bundled or bagged, please lay open until completely dry for mildew stains cannot be removed. Using candles for the centerpiece or for any other reason can cause the tablecloths to burn. Burned, ink or unfixed damage on the linens will be charged to the client for the full item replacement. (Damage waiver is recommended or required for some or all of these items.)

CANCELATIONS: Your order will be packed and loaded a day before delivery. All changes must be made by 12:00 noon the day before delivery to avoid additional charges. Changes to orders after 2:00 pm the day before delivery can be made at an additional cost to your original order. Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to delivery at NO charge. Cancellations in the final 24 hours may be subject to a cancellation fee of 50%. Cancellations the day of delivery will be subject to 100% of the total bill. Partial items that are canceled on delivery will be charged 50% of the cost.

REFUND: All rented fees are final. If for any reason equipment was not used (including helium and propane tank), TPR does not authorize any refunds, Once the equipment is out of the warehouse, current time and fees are running. However, TPR will exchange any items if they are not working properly. Generally, all rented equipment is inspected in the warehouse before it goes out. However, the staff will test all the equipment and make sure that all these work well before they leave the event place. If there is any problem with the equipment, the staff will fix the problem and if is something that is not fixable, the staff will give options to the client to get a refund for this item or exchange the item. Arrangements must be made in the same instant.

TLAPAZOLA PARTY RENTALS is not responsible for any damage caused by equipment on hardwood, tile, or other types of flooring. Furthermore, TPR shall not be responsible for damages or personal injuries which occur while the equipment is in the renter’s possession. Thus, renter accepts the equipment “as is.”