20lb Propane Tank


Propane tank rentals are now available. Tlapazola propane tank rentals are 20-lbs which are much higher than the usual exchanged or purchased propane tanks in retails locations. The 20lb propane tank gives more time to enjoy heat for warmth or cooking.

Brand: None
Color: Not Available
Capacity: 20lb
Includes: Fuel, Gauge

Used For
Outdoor Heaters
BBQ Grills


20lb Propane Tank Rental for All Events

Tlapazola Party Rentals makes it quick and easy to rent propane tanks for your next event. This 20lb Propane Tank Rental is pre-filled and ready to use. The 5 gallon propane tank on average last for about 4-6 hours of continues use depending on how and what its being used for. The versatility of propane provides a solution to all of your needs, whether at home or at the park or beach. Propane produces significantly less greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide and other pollutants than the most common energy sources – making it a safe alternative to use at home and around your family and guest. Use propane to power your outdoor firepit, extend your patio season, fry up a turkey or carnitas for the holidays or to power an alternative power source during inclement weather with the use of a an Outdoor Patio Heater.

Propane Tank 20lb Capacity

***** NOTICE *****
The propane tank is a Full 20 lb Propane Cylinder/Tank With Gauge, one of these tanks can last up to 8 hrs. (Caution: Tlapazola party rental Propane Cylinder/Tank are NOT exchangeable at any refill station, the actual tank rented must be returned). Please note most exchanges of tanks are 15-17lb which are much smaller. These propane tanks Tlapazola rents are meant to last longer with their extra capacity.

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20-lb Propane Tank Rental in Gardena

20lb Propane Tank


20lb Propane Tank


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