Checkered Dance Floor


Looking for a unique and exciting way to entertain your party guest with style in Los Angeles. The search is over with TPR checkered dance floor rental. These portable wooden dance floors are great for indoor and outdoor use.

Color: Checkered
Material: Plywood with wood grain on surface.
Size: Each Panel is 4ft x 4ft

Used For
Weddings, Parties, Big Events, Private Dinners, Birthday Parties


Checkered Dance Floor Rental in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a way to add style to your next event in the South Bay or Los Angeles? The search is over with TPR checkered dance floor rental. This dance floor set up can be customized to fit from 10 party dancers to 68 and more.

The checkered wooden dance floor is built with panels that measure 4 feet by 4 feet making a perfect square. This allows for our party rental set up to be installed almost in any flat location. The checkered dance floor has special locking features that make it secure when setting up, which can be done on concrete hard floors.

Every party planner loves Tlapazola Party Rental dance floor from our Gardena location. It can be delivered anywhere within 50 miles, there’s just a delivery fee added to have your checkered dance floor ready for your special celebration. Please note this is not suitable for grass or dirt as all sides must be leveled so the pieces stay locked in and in place as your party guest dance their hearts away. This dance floor is portable and with its unique individual pieces it can be set up in a variety of sizes and shapes, the standard shapes range from 8’ feet by 8’ feet to 24’ feet by 24’ feet. We also have them available in white checker , all white , black and wooden gold .

So if your wedding is coming up or you want your party guest to dance with style, tlapazola’s dance floors are the floors to get for your next event.

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Los Angeles can be a great and big city. LA County is even bigger covering from Santa Monica to Pomona. Getting party rentals in LA can be complicated and theres plenty to choose from. In the Gardena the best choice is Tlapazola Party Rentals serving the Los Angeles and South Bay area since 2016. It has among the highest and best ratings in the LA county.

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Checkered Dance Floor


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