7ft Serpentine Table


Set up your next event with a serpentine table rental that provides plenty of room. Use the serpentine tables from Tlapazola Party Rentals to create a space with semi-circle tables, or place four tables together to create a full circle. This type of table is excellent for team building exercises, personal occasions, and other events where attendees need to be in close proximity to brainstorm, chat, and network. Use the serpentine design of the table to create artful shapes, as well.

Table Features:

  • Wooden tops
  • Legs that easily fold
  • 7’ x 30”

Used for:


Making the Most of the Serpentine Style

Consider a serpentine table rental before putting together your next banquet or event. The serpentine style gives you the opportunity to create eye-catching displays in your event space. It is a versatile table in terms of both design and size.

Get the serpentine effect when you position two of the wood-topped tables in different directions. Placing two tables end to end makes a half circle. Positioning four tables end to end allows you to create a full circle, leaving an open space in the middle where you can let your creativity flow freely.

Reinvent Any Space with Table Rentals

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, you have to transform the space into something that fits the mood and the theme. However, you also want to leave attendees and guests talking about it afterward. A thoughtfully designed floor display, tasteful tablescapes, and the perfect positioning will help to ensure they do. Rent serpentine tables, linens, and more from Tlapazola Party Rentals.


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