36″ Wood Round Table


Looking for a sturdy and stylish table to rent for your next party or event? Check out our 36” wood round table! This table is made of high-quality wood with a smooth finish, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor events. The classic design and minimalist look will undoubtedly sit seamlessly with any decor! Our 36 inch wood round table comfortably seats 3-4 people and is a great option for smaller gatherings. The ideal table for intimate events, weddings, parties, and other special occasions. Let your guests sit comfortably and enjoy the festivities with our 36” wood round table that will last through all the fun! 

36″ Wood Round Table is best used for Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Banquet Halls, Corporate Events, Warehouses, Conference Centers, Trade Show, Beach Parties, and Barbecues.

36″ Wood Round Table Details:
Color: Wood Top
Measurements: 36” Wide Diameter 
Seating Capacity: 3-4 people


36″ Wood Round Table Rentals for All Special Events

Our 36″ wooden round tables are perfect for all kinds of special occasions, from corporate events to private parties. We have a variety of sizes and designs available, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Our table rentals are durable and built to last—they’re made with premium materials that allow them to withstand the test of time and stress. In addition, they’re easy to transport and set up. You’ll find that this option works well for outdoor events like weddings and barbecues, or even just to use as extra counter space if you’re having a party in your living room.

Are wood round tables available in other sizes?

Tlapazola 36″ Wood Round Table Rentals from Tlapazola Party Rentals are ideal for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations— and can be rented for a day or multiple days. They are available in all wood finishes and can be rented in 36-Inch, 54-inch, 60-Inch, and 72-inch in diameter. Finally, these tables fit comfortably in most spaces and look great with your décor. But why stop there? We have a variety of party equipment for your every need, including chairs, tents, linens, round tables, and more!

Why should you rent 36″ Wood Round Tables from Tlapazola Party Rentals?

Are you looking for an affordable, yet high-quality table for your next special event? Tlapazola Party Rentals has got you covered! Our 36″ Wood Round Table Rentals are made of wood and are durable enough to withstand anything life throws at them. Not to mention, you can host all your guests at once. So, you don’t have to worry about reserving a room or worrying about how far apart people sit. You just put out some chairs and let people mill around!

Rent 36″ Wood Round Tables in Los Angeles

When looking for reputable and trusted Party Table Rentals in Los Angeles, you can never go wrong with Tlapazola’s 36″ Wood Round Table. Our 36-inch wood round table rentals are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties and more! The wood is sturdy and durable, so your table will last longer than any other rental option out there. Don’t wait until the last minute! Reserve this table today before someone else does! We’re situated in Gardena, serving Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, and all surrounding cities near you.

Five Star Rentals in One Convenient Location 

For all your special events, choose Tlapazola Party Rentals! From simple to elaborate, we have the table that’s right for you. Check out our full party rentals catalog to make your special celebration one to remember. Contact us to order your rentals online or give us a call at (424) 235-0613 to reserve all your party equipment rentals, today!


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