108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth


Add a dash of sophistication to your next LA event using Tlapazola’s gorgeous 108-inch round polyester tablecloth! Designed to gracefully drape over 60 and 72-inch tables, it will undoubtedly transform your gathering into a sleek, polished affair. Perfect for rental, enjoy the benefit of its stain and wrinkle-resistant nature, ensuring your tables remain protected while looking chic. Don’t miss out on this essential addition; start planning your unforgettable soiree with Tlapazola’s luxurious tablecloth!

108” Round Polyester Tablecloth is best used for Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Banquet Halls, Corporate Events, Warehouses, Conference Centers, Trade Shows, Beach Parties, and Barbecues.

108” Round Polyester Tablecloth Details:
Dimensions: 108 Inch Diameter
Fits: 60 Inch Round Tables, 72 Inch Round Tables
Laid on Table: 60″ draping 8″ above the floor, while 72″ extend halfway.


108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth Rentals for All Special Events

Elevate your event’s ambiance with the fabulous 108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth! Adored by many for its versatility, this stunning showstopper will flawlessly grace events of any nature – from romantic weddings to vivacious birthday celebrations and even sophisticated corporate functions. Seize the opportunity to rent one today and transform your gathering into an elegant affair that won’t soon be forgotten.

Are 108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloths available in other colors?

Of course! Add some elegance to your next event with our stunning 108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth! With a diverse palette ranging from classic white, and sophisticated black, to luxurious gold, we ensure the perfect match for any theme. Ideal for weddings, corporate events, and more, our tablecloth selection transforms every event into a memorable experience! Plus, we offer rentals for those located in Los Angeles. Don’t miss the chance to add a touch of glamour to your next gathering!

Discover the Ideal Lienes in Angeles

Renting linens in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be a troublesome experience. With Tlapazola Party Rentals, you can rent the perfect 108 Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth in Los Angeles hassle-free. When you’re ready to order, know that we’re situated in Gardena. Where we proudly serve Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, and all surrounding cities near you.

Five Star Rentals in One Convenient Location 

If you’re looking for top-quality rentals at an affordable price, browse our full party rentals catalog. Contact us to order your rentals online or give us a call at (424) 235-0613 to reserve all your party equipment rentals, today! 


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108” Round Polyester Tablecloth

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