Our Top 3 Event Setup & Table Arrangement Ideas

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Are you looking to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional table setup for events? It doesn’t have to be complicated when you follow some simple tips. As event experts who have been in the party planning business for many years, Tlapazola knows what it takes to make your special day a success.  Read our top table arrangement ideas and get inspired!

1. Vary Your Table Layout

Some guests might want to stand around and mingle over cocktails while other guests might want to sit and have an intimate conversation. It’s important that you vary your table size and layout so that guests aren’t confined to a single space and they have plenty of ways to wander around and feel comfortable. 

On that note, our top table arrangement idea to facilitate mingling is to have a mix of long tables for buffets, head tables, and personal conversations, round tables for big group conversations, and tall cocktail tables for standing. This is especially important for events like corporate conferences or wedding receptions, where people from all over the country or even the world need to mix and connect with each other. If you confine your guests to a single space, they might miss out on a good conversation and your event might be a bit quieter. 

If you’re having kids at the event, you might also consider small kids-sized tables that you can put coloring items and toys at so they can have their own corner and let the adults talk. Hosting a wedding or birthday? Don’t forget the cake table or the gift table! You don’t want to be lacking for table space, so make sure you have enough tables for favors, photos, and more. 

2. Stay Seasonal and Local

If you want to celebrate the natural surroundings and make your table centerpieces a breeze, one table arrangement idea is to look for seasonal and local flowers. For summer, you could have sunflowers and orchids; for fall, you could have pumpkins; for winter, you could have fragrant pine branches and holly. It’s always a good idea to incorporate items like feathers and dried grasses for added dimension if you want to add affordable bulk and you can’t find enough seasonal materials. 

If you stick to seasonal decor, not only will your centerpieces be more aesthetic and appropriate, but they’ll also be more affordable. If you shop local for your decor, you can support the neighboring businesses and help the environment along the way. 

3. Stick To A Uniform Color Scheme

If you want your table setup for your event to look cohesive, everything from the placemats to the flowers should be coordinated in a consistent color scheme. If you want your design to be eye-catching, it can’t be too busy. Make sure your table linens and chair covers are minimalist if you want to be bold elsewhere. 

Table settings already have a lot going on, when you include flatware, plates, dishes, and cups. If you want your centerpiece to truly stand out, you have to make sure the colors you want to “pop out” have a neutral background. For example, if you have a stunning, bountiful bouquet as your centerpiece, you don’t want to add too many other random objects or bold-colored vases. Less is more when it comes to table settings.

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