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Los Angeles County and the State of California have seen Covid-19 rates rates go up. This has caused restrictions for dining restaurants, outdoor events, and large Parties.

Covid-19 has had a big impact in our industry and has affected us at Tlapazola Party Rentals here in Gardena. However, we are looking in our resources to support businesses and help everyone still stay safe. We have created a line of Sanitizing products to make small gatherings events safe with face mask, disinfecting sprays and gels.

Tlapazola Party Rentals has been in Gardena for many years and we have always looked to support our community and provide safe, clean products to enhance and support great events.

Take a look at our tents. We have connected with many small and medium size restaurants to expand their occupancy by taking their dining outdoors. We can provide a total package of support for outdoor dinning, Tents, Tent Walls, Sanitizers, Disinfecting sprays or stations.

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